Music and camaraderie


The usual pattern of the evening is to start with any floor singers then put on the main artistes for a 35 - 40 minute set. We then have a short break and repeat the format of the first half with either the same floor singers or different ones if there are enough.

We love floor singers - the are the the core of the club. If you fancy doing a couple of songs, best to turn up around 7.45 - 8.15 ish and get your name down. We promise to make you welcome.

If you have been before and want a little more time to get into a set, let's have a chat about it and we can put you down for something a little longer so you can get into what you are doing and show us what you can really do.

We do have evenings which we call Convivium Musicale and anyone at all is welcome to come and play and sing together or just come and watch. These are some of our most popular evenings.

We love to fill up the odd evening, if possible, with local acts who can give us say 30-40 minutes of good stuff, where they might prefer not to go for two full sets. We do offer a modest payment which you can discuss with us.

We also have professional or semi professional acts who really do know how to connect with the audience and entertain everybody for 2 full sets. Many of our favourite regulars are, in fact, fairly local and we have had some brilliant lively evenings with all of them.

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