Music and camaraderie


October 2nd


October 16th

Convivium Musicale


Phil and Jane (formerly half of 'A Bang on the Ear' now styled as Chipping Away).

Many of you will know Phil and Jane and recognise their brand of melodic songs and beautiful harmonies. If you don't know them, come along and find out what delights they can provide - Phil may even crack a joke or two.

6th November


20th November

Convivium Musicale


 Pete Morton




Certain writers and singers of folk songs have that combination of lyrical perspicacity and clear-sighted delivery that set them apart from all others, the idiosyncratic Pete Morton is one of those. His songs provoke thought, stimulate inspiration and prompt revelation. That’s because he delivers messages and explores themes that everyone can relate to and does it in a way that demands nothing more than turning your ear to his perfectly placed lyrics.

4th December


18th December

Convivium Musicale


Blue Coconut Orchestra




It has become a custom to welcome Steve and Wal Ball and Ian Robinson as The Blue Coconut Orchestra for our celebratory Christmas meeting. This is my present to the club (and anyone else who wants to turn up). Always a wonderful fun session, Steve, Wal and Ian play in a variety of styles from bluegrass to blues, standards to stand- bys in a comprehensive display of superb guitar, mandolin and bass expertise.